NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to Approve Commercial Permits Through Accela

Effective immediately, NCDOT will be utilizing Accela (The City of Charlotte's Plan and Permit Platform) to approve Subdivision permits and Plats.  They are also testing out the process for Commercial permits.  For continuity and a better user experience, please submit your plans to the City through Accela and NCDOT through its existing portal.  Here are additional details:

  • Please contact the NCDOT review engineer for that area.
  • Email subject line: Include the NCDOT Permit Number and Accela number provided through the NCDOT Permit Portal to identify the project quickly.
    • Plats: Include the NCDOT-approved permit number associated with the plat.
  • NCDOT Comments: Staff comments will be through the NCDOT Permit Portal.
    • Accela plan will have a generic comment stating that NCDOT comments will be available through the NCDOT Portal.  
    • Plans must also be submitted through the NCDOT Portal.
If you have any additional questions about this new process, please get in touch with Hassan Malik, Acting District Engineer - NCDOT via email or at (980)523-0000 or (980)264-0386.
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